The Inktober Challenge: 31 Days in Black and White

In October, thousands of people around the world meet every day on social medias to share their best skills in ink drawing: it’s the #Inktober challenge. It was created by illustrator and cartoonist Jake Parker as he himself wanted to improve his own ink drawing skills. You should definitely check his convincing and inspirational article listing 3 ways this drawing challenge can boost your creativity. I read it after I had finished writing this article and found out that going through the challenge for the 1st time myself made me discover many of the points he was already making.


The rules of Inktober couldn’t be simpler: each day, post one drawing created in ink. For the most playful challengers or those looking for inspiration, the official Inktober account suggest an optional list of daily prompts: “Swift”, “Divided”, “Underwater”, “Sword”... Last year, I had seen the challenge from afar — I had managed to post two drawings — #fail. This year, I settled to do it whole.

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