The Scrooge Mystery Masterclass in ComicCon Paris!


I've been delighted to be part of the Masterclass that took place yesterday, on Sunday 28th, around The Scrooge Mystery at the ComicCon Paris along with a panel of amazing people: Director Morgann Gicquel, Producer Laura Gidrol, Director of Photography Franklin Henriksen and Composer Sebastian Ferreira. The moderation was beautifully handled by Yaële Simkovitch.  



This documentary I've been proud to work on as a graphic artist holds a special place in my heart. It revolves around one of the comic artists I've been fan of for the longest time: Don Rosa. He's one of the most famous comic artists to have written stories featuring the richest duck in the world, Uncle Scrooge McDuck.


He's especially renowned for his story about the youth and ascending of Scrooge: The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. Famous all across Europe where people queue for hours just to shake hands with him, he remains known only to a niche audience in the United States.  



The movie tells Don Rosa's story. The story of an engineer who ran the family business for years before dropping it all so as to draw at least one Duck story. The first one turned out to be many more, to the great pleasures of his readers. His really is a pretty amazing story, whether you already love ducks or not. Beyond Scrooge, the movie talks about what it means to be a fan, to be passionate about something and to pursue one's life passion in spite of the obstacles.


It's an inspiring and uplifting movie which I invite you to check out now that it is available for order in DVD and Blu-Rays





The project has been financially supported by the fans themselves through a Kickstarter campaign. And it is because I contributed to the Kickstarter as a fan (heck, an ambitious documentary about Don Rosa, I really wanted the movie to exist!), that director Morgann Gicquel and I met and finally decided to work together! We worked on designing the lettering for the chapter titles, and the poster for the movie.  


The whole project has really been a fan story and a great adventure all along! Working on a project about one of your childhood heroes and exchange about it with an audience of fans - what more could one ask for




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