Ink Drawings in July 2022

In 2022 I have decided to complete the Inktober52 challenge for the first time. The principle is simple - one has to draw and post one drawing in ink every week. There is a list of official prompts that one can follow.  Here are the series of July. You can follow the ongoing series on my Instagram. 


Members of high society admiring the latest human specimen they have added to their collection. They marvel on how little he needs to sustain himself - electricity for the toy laptop and beverage known as coffee for himself.



It was no big bang and it was no cosmic soup. At the beginning of time was the refined brewing of all things. In the fumes of a cup of divine tea were to be found the stars and planets, cosmic dust and asteroids, black holes (and maybe white ones as well) and parallel worlds. All of space and time brewed in the primal tea ceremony, to be savored by the first awareness of all.


They had so many memories of running together in the fields behind their home. They promised to each other that when they would meet there again, on the flowery hill facing the mountains. They would narrate their life to each other if they had lost contact. They would pick wild flowers and maybe bring a thermos of tea and a cat to tag along. But the years passed and they forgot the date they had set for that meeting. They got busy with their lives and lost touch. But when she got forty, the first one bought a house in that exact neighborhood where she had grew up. She moved in with her kids and partner. The field was gone - a building had replaced it, but the neighborhood was still nice. On the first day of September, a week after having moved, she got out through the back door with a tea and a croissant. A voice greeted her on her left. It was her childhood friend. She had made that same decision five years ago. They were now neighbors again. They bought flying kites as a housewarming celebration and spent countless hours catching up on the first few months.


He comes from a long line of coat of arm emblems that are actually alive. The heralds that depict them have a special skill - whichever emblem they depict become a real-life creature and guardian of the family they’re attached to.