Ink Drawings in August 2022


Inktober52 is a challenge consisting in designing and sharing one ink drawing every week of the year. One can decide to follow an official prompt, shared every Thursday, or do it freestyle. I share about this ongoing challenge on instagram, and have also started making a summary blog post here with the drawings of the month. You can find July's harvest here


As for August, here we go below!


Caption: The map of the journey to falling asleep. It’s been designed by a delirious insomniac one blue moon night. It was inspired by Pierrot’s poetry, the Sandman’s failures and Morpheus’ mirages. There are known and dreaded lands, along with uncertain seas that one must navigate to reach - maybe, maybe - a land of dreams and restfulness.


Caption: This grumpy tree keeps the woods. And if you dare mock his new fashionable haircut inspired by Paris stylish trees, he’ll knock your head with a bag of hazelnuts.

Caption: « Old archived code. Better store it that way. Less messy. »


Caption: A traveller who might be real or might belong to the realm of faërie rests on ancient cross all have forgotten. He’s reflecting on the meaning of his journey and wondering if he’ll meet Corto Maltese again as he crosses Irish lands.