Ink drawings of September 2022


Inktober52 continues in September - here were the four prompts of that month. Working with cross-hatching for the first two, with a focus on a concept that follows on the Map to falling asleep from August harvest. Cross-hatching is a long process to get to a result but it allows high level of control over the construction, details and values. The last two are back to brush inking, where each line has the imprint of the movement and energy it was drawn with. 


Now has the month of October started, with its season of Inktober returning! I'm sharing about it daily on instagram


One line

In one line, one thin thread from her cloudy sky to the depths of her inner sea, she was trying to get to the raw, the wild, and the magic. It sometimes took hours or days just sitting by that cliff, of glimpsing the un-named creatures under the glistening surface, to get just one catch - one fresh, curious, very lively new idea.


It was as much an armor to prevent the outside from reaching in as to prevent the inside from reaching out. It had design flaws in that respect though.


She’s got a realm far in the land of the night, where silver poetic fish build up flowing castles of light. She sits and shines, waiting for dreamers to visit and pay homage.

The Moon Goddess looking at the insomniac and the poet with a kind eye.


When there was a wave of anger and rage inside, he would punch the air, learning not to hit anything but the invisible wall of frustrations he had to live with.