Ink Drawings in November 2022

In November I resumed the pace of posting one drawing a week (still drawing every day though!). I had a focus on cross-hatching technique, where one uses fine parallel lines to create values and volume. It is a meditative technique I think, due to the repetition of the gestures and the slowness of the process.


For contrast and on a more colorful note, I had fun creating a page for simple commissions for tiny owls drawings. If you’re looking for last minute Christmas gifts, I’ve added new original drawings on the e-shop.


Wishing you a cosy December, 




Building watches - They built watches; now the watches rebuild them. They choose the time they put in, and sometimes, on a whim, remove some grains of sand from the hourglass.


Owl Detective - Tree pattern, scarf pattern, walking owls in the streets, standing humans in the trees. It’s actually a private detective that’s just been hired on the case of the top-hat-wearing-tiny-humans. They appeared mysteriously in the trees of the city a few weeks ago and no one knows why nor how. When a polite owl tries to interact, they simply bow, take off their hat, and make squiggly sounds without meaning. Very confusing.


The Dream - It doesn’t look like much but it’s growing. It feels small and frail but its roots go deep. Its light is trembling but it shines. And the scary monsters around pause for an instant and wonder. They recognize something in there that they too had been longing for.