One year of drawing every day - 2022 highlights




160+ new original drawings

Especially through completing Inktober52 and Inktober challenges - which involve publishing one ink drawing per week all year around, and one a day during the month of October




An exhibition in Stockholm


In June opened the exhibition "Not a day without a line", in ThePark coworking space in Stockholm. You can read more about it here. You can also read the article I wrote about the idea behind "Not a day without a line - the gentle discipline of drawing every day" on Medium



I opened an e-shop...


And am still experimenting around format and types of things there - you can find the link here.  




... and many drawings found new homes


It is such a joy to receive pictures of one's drawings in their new environment. 



The tiny owls have their own website and instagram


This is a cute, fun series that I started last March. During the summer, it became its own side project! Let's see how far the tiny owls fly! Here is their website, and here is the Instagram



Partnership with Konstnärsportalen


This new project gathers creators based in Sweden to produce high quality, eco-conscious art prints in Stockholm. You can read more about it here, or directly visit the platform there