The Tired Giants


This is a new watercolor series that has been ongoing since the beginning of this year. It revolves around Giants - the gods before the gods in the North mythology. These giants became exhausted through the ages they lived, and sat, and turned to stone. With time, they became covered in moss and plants and birds. 


You can see the first ones of this series and read their original story here


Below you will find some of the latest ones!  

The tired giant that grew a rose


All rocks and stones and stillness

He sat, silent and solitary

Until, unexpected, it grew

From the depths of a heart he never knew was there

A lovely lonely rose 🌹


Giant stones and tiny houses - Centuries of amassed tiredness and tree moss - and now this! But was it so unexpected that a soft, still and silent tired giant would turn into a hospital habitat for chirruping tiny houses? They did not really care about big questions. They felt it was homey, so they stayed. And like a human with a sleeping cat on their laps, the giant did not dare to move even a toe for a very long time, lest they would fly away. He liked the chirruping.



Giants who fell - The tired giants had walked, then stood, then sat. Storms, snow, eons passed. When humans came in the most remote part of the forest, they had a rage in their movements. They were building cities. They needed stones. They tore down many of them - the giants I mean. They left the heads because their shape was too strange. So he made this one slow movement, just this one time in all these centuries. He extended his hands, so as to let the head of the fallen giant head rest in his lap.


The giant under the Moon - He watches over the stars to make sure they do not fall. Recites poems to the Moon to make sure it shines. And wraps the world in the velvety night to make sure everyone sleeps tight.