By themselves, writing and drawing are far less different than we usually say. They are two human possibilities to get paper dirty."

Roland Topor

There’s beauty in a sentence; there’s meaning in a sketch. From the mind to the hand, we write a word, we draw a line. They both allow us to encapsulate our visions, our stories, our emotions. They help us express and apprehend the world. 


We encode what we see, what we think, how we feel, in a secret language that other human beings will be able to decode. When we do decode it - diving into the picture, deciphering the text, we access the stories and visions other human minds put into them. 


Pictures and texts are worlds in themselves, and the bridges that connect two human minds. They are our teleports in time and space. Their magic allows us to see, and understand realities that would otherwise remain inaccessible. 


When they go together - text and picture, side by side, interwoven in a shared meaning - an alchemy operates. A relationship is born whose rules answer to infinite variations. Words and images shed light on each other, independent and interconnected, converging yet opening the possibilities for interpretations. From illuminated manuscripts to comic books, from illustrated children books to metadata encapsulated in digital pictures, the fascination for this alchemy has led me to explore mediums in the academic, professional and creative worlds.