Inktober is a yearly challenge. In order to complete it, one must draw and share one ink drawing a day during the whole month of October - one can choose to follow daily official prompts or not. It is a great way to reconnect with traditional techniques and time-pressured yet playful drawing explorations. For each edition, I am sharing here a few examples from the series of 31 drawings made that year. If you are curious about the whole series, you can find them on Instagram. 

october 2022

Here you can find some of the drawings made during the Inktober 2022 challenge. To discover the whole series, go to my Instagram page

2022 - All year

Inktber52 is the yearly version of the classic October challenge. The goal is to share one ink drawing every week, all year long. 

october 2021

october 2020

october 2017