Riddle Me This

Riddle Me This is an animated show tailored for social medias, created by Morgann Gicquel and produced by Jellysmack.  Each episode features three riddles you'll have to solve in a limited amount of time.


I have had the great pleasure to work on the visual development for the show on the first three seasons.


The artistic direction had very clear guidelines - flat design, minimalistic characters, bright colors. Within this framework, I worked on creating the visuals that would later be handed to the motion designers. As the show evolved, the references to popculture became a major direction too. 


It required both creativity, initiative and discipline to work on a detailed brief and storyboard within short deadlines (weekly show). Here are some screenshots from various episodes. 


I also created a special 360° visual for a pilot episode: Murder or suicide .

Shots from Season 1 to 3


Calendar project

Snapchat Poll Tiles