How to commission an illustration work?

Do you have an idea for a specific illustration or original drawing? Do you resonate with some of the work examples shown on my portfolio, and are considering enquiring for a commissioned work? Then you are on the right page. 


I work both for individuals and corporate customers. The process below describes the main steps in commissioned project of any kind, though some of them may vary depending on your or your company’s needs. 


I can speak in French and English depending on the language you’re most comfortable with. 

Steps of a commissioned illustration

1. Your brief

It all starts with what you have in mind. There are no right or wrong at this stage. Some customers come with a very detailed vision in mind - from theme, use, format, techniques, references - while others come with a broader brief « A custom-made Christmas card ». In both cases, I will ask you follow-up questions to make sure I fully get what you have in mind and am the right person for your project. If I feel it makes sense, I might suggest to schedule a 20 minute call.  Once we have agreed on the project scope, I send you a detailed quote. 

2. Composition roughs

Based on your brief, I will start by sketching a few composition proposals for your picture(s) - usually from two to four per picture. The sketches are rough outlines of where the main visual elements will be, without details.


This step allows you to choose the main orientation for the picture and discuss the adjustments you would like to make based on that first visual. 


3. Detailed sketch

I will use the composition rough option you chose to design a detailed sketch. This one will include most of the key drawing details. We are coming close to what the final version of your drawing will look like. Based on this detailed sketch, we can do up to two sets of edits to come as close as possible to your vision. 


4. Final picture

Now is the time to finalize your commission. This step varies depending on the technique we decided to use during the brief. It can be time to ink the drawing, color it with watercolors, or paint it digitally. 


5. Receiving your commissioned work

Depending on your brief and what your project needed: 

- If your commission is for an original artwork, I will mail it to you in tracked and secured packaging  

- If your commission is for a digital illustration, I will transfer the digital files in the agreed upon file type 



« In addition to the quality and finesse of her illustrations, Garance shines above all through a personal universe that she knows how to cultivate and put to good use in her work.


She joined a team that had already been set up in the middle of the season of an animated web series (40 million views per episode) and yet she was able to adapt brilliantly to the aestheticism defended by the previous illustrator while at the same time imprinting her own style without ever breaking with the initial graphic universe.


A good listener, but above all a strong proposer and capable of proposing solutions very quickly in often tight production situations, it is a pleasure to collaborate with Garance to move the project forward together. »


Morgann Gicquel, Artistic Director for RiddleMeThis, Jellysmack 



How much does it cost?

Pricing for a commissioned illustration varies depending on a series of factors, among which two main ones: 

- The creation of the illustration itself: it depends on the complexity of the project, including questions around the number of pictures, their size, complexity of the design, techniques used, etc. 

- Image use - private use, publishing use, marketing use, commercial use, products, etc. 


How long does it take?

The timeline is something we agree on when we discuss your initial brief - it depends greatly on the scope of your project, my current commissions and your responsiveness. I aim to communicate frequently and keep you updated on the status of your commission on an ongoing basis so you know where you stand at all time. 

What techniques do you use?

I adapt the technique(s) I use based on your project requirements and your taste.


I use traditional hand-drawn techniques such as ink and watercolor; or digital painting techniques using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.