I worked on the lettering for the 12 chapter titles of the documentary The Scrooge MysteryThe brief consisted of three main requirements:

1. hand-drawn letter in order to go with the vintage feel of the movie

2. black and white lines so they could be animated later in the process of the production

3. the main inspiration had to come from the graphic universe of artist Don Rosa 


The composition and typographic choices had to contribute to the storytelling of each chapter of the movie.



Below are two examples of chapter titles with their inspiration sources. 

1. "The Dream of a Lifetime" from Don Rosa's work

2. "Dismal Disney" based on a trailer from the 30s for Dracula.   


Based on these criteria, we worked hand in hand with director Morgann Gicquel to define each chapter's look and feel. For many, we were quite literal in the reference to Don Rosa whereas others drew from various inspirations to convey a specific atmosphere or illustrate a concept.