The Tired Giants
DRAWINGS · 16. June 2023
A story of giants who turned into tired stones who turned into moss.

Sketching 100 heads in 10 days
DRAWINGS · 05. February 2023
In January I took on a fun challenge - sketching 100 heads in 10 days!

One year of drawing every day - 2022 highlights
NEWS · 03. January 2023
Reflection on some of the highlights of this year of deciding to spend "not a day without a line"!

Ink Drawings in November 2022
DRAWINGS · 12. December 2022
Cross-hatching drawings from November 2022

Art prints in Sweden - Konstnärsportalen
NEWS · 16. November 2022
New platform where you can find high quality art prints my drawings, printed and delivered in Sweden.

Inkotber 2022
DRAWINGS · 02. November 2022
"Inktober" is a recurring drawing challenge that takes place every October. The principle is very simple: to participate, one has to draw and share one ink drawing every day in October. There is a list of official prompts that one can choose to follow - or draw whatever they want. I love this challenge and have done it in 2017, 2020, 2021, and this year.

Ink drawings of September 2022
DRAWINGS · 11. October 2022
News and selected ink drawings from September!

Ink Drawings in August 2022
DRAWINGS · 02. September 2022
Four new ink drawings in August

Ink Drawings in July 2022
DRAWINGS · 04. August 2022
The four new ink drawings for July's Inktober!

"Not a day without a line" - The gentle discipline of drawing every day
ARTICLE · 18. June 2022
From ancient Greek painter Apelle to contemporary calligrapher Fabienne Verdier, the wisdom of drawing a line every day.

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