02. February 2018
French painter Ingres on why you should study the past, the role of the artist, and how to think about posterity. Food for thought from a 19th century neo-classical French painter
11. November 2017
How I completed the #inktober drawing challenge and what I learnt from it. Where we talk about building habits, experimenting within constraints and the power of sharing your work.

16. May 2017
“As it happens, I don’t see myself as a drawer that needs classifying. Things aren’t fixed and I’m not fixed. (…) I can’t see myself as someone completely achieved, done, dead. I’m seeing myself as someone who’s still moving, alive, with his contradictions.”
17. December 2016
A friend asked me to illustrate some of Tolkien’s short stories. What I read was so beautiful that I spent more and more time on each of the 3 drawings I produced. Didn’t want to get out of his universe :) I don’t know how Tolkien mastered such craft: overwhelming his reader with emotions and poetry in stories that can be read in less than an hour and a half.

26. September 2016
Pourquoi si peu d’oeuvres pour celui que l’on considère le génie de la Renaissance ? Enquête dans l'esprit de Léonard à partir de son autobiographie imaginaire écrite et illustrée par Ralph Steadman.
10. July 2016
There’s something behind you. What is it that’s holding you back and blindfolding you? Is it this labyrinth of thoughts? Is it this terrible mantra? Is it your own self, pulling hard in another direction you won’t acknowledge? Is it...